Friday, May 30, 2014

Character Inferences

This week in reading we have been reading a story about the war. We had to do a character inference sheet on the main character.

The Venn Diagram

Today me and some buddies did a venn diagram to explain some differences and similarities that New Zealand and Iraq have. My Buddies were Daniel and Denver. WE did these around the same time as the happy parody came out. The people who made it got arrested and that's how we found out. First we had to read information from news sites like The NZ Herald. Then we partnered  up and took the information we found and other knowledge that we already know and made a venn diagram together.

The Dancing

I was so excited because we got to do assembly.   Assembly is when the whole school comes down to Tawaraunui, and the class that is on stage presents the class certificates and does a class performance. Well this time my class is on stage and I'm in the performance it's dancing.We also have another performance some of the boys are doing the bongos. So in the dancing performance there is Kiana, Me, Journey, Waimarama, and Mihi. We are dancing to Problem by Ariana Grande Feat Iggy Azalea. The boys learnt a beat of youtube it went dum, daramdum.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dvolver Moviemaker

Today I made a movie using Dvolver. It was about hurt free and some of the things that people do.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Bio Poem

Yesterday we had a reliever and had to write a Bio Poem.
Is intelligent, friendly, and energetic
The Daughter of Tania and Walter,
Who loves Geronimo Stilton Books and her Best friends Kiana, Journey, Amy, Waimarama, Mihi, and Kirihiria,
Has experienced being Happy, Sad, and excited
Is sometimes afraid of dark, no phone, and no friends.
Won year 4 and 5 speech competition
Has always wanted to go to university and be a writer, artist, scientist, and technology expert.
Who lives in Kaikohe
and thinks Tuatara is the best in the world.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Holiday Recount

WALT recount an exciting event so that our reader knows what happened and how we felt.

“Are you ready Lu” asked mum.  “Nearly I shouted I was still  getting my money out of my money jar.  It was a long and boring ride but it was worth it.  We had finally arrived in Whangarei, I was so thrilled when I got out of the car.  There were lots of different shops and cafes.

At first when we started walking around I was so energetic but then I got really tired.  There were a lot of people walking around with bags in there hands.  I was so eager to go in the shops.  Finally we went in a shop there were lots of cool clothes and accessories.  For my sister and my cousin Leighton it was easy to choose, but for some reason it was really hard for me.

We had to go to three different shops.  When we got to the third shop I rushed to the shoes area.  It only took one glance and a smile and I knew I had found the perfect pair of shoes.  I showed my mum tried them on and bought them.  I also bought a Manly Sea Eagles high bounce ball.  It was a long and exciting trip home we were eating doughnuts and listening to music.