Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Italy Post Card

This a Movenote Postcard about how I went to Venice with Jaime Leigh. (It's not real) We made these postcards because we are studying Italy in class. I hope you like it.

Pigs and Ducks

Yesterday we had to solve this problem and post about how we solved it.I solved this problem by simply just thinking about basic facts and which ones added up to 28.
Here is how I did it
2x8=16 Duck legs
3x4=12 Pig legs
Which means there are 8 ducks :) 
Comment below how you worked it out

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Today in writing Room 17 has been learning about Onomatopoeia. This simply is words that imitate a sound. We watched a video of Fireworks because in New Zealand Guy Fawkes has just happened. Guy Fawkes is a holiday in New Zealand that is the only time we can buy or purchase fireworks. While we were watching the video we were writing down Onomatopoeia, Adjectives, and Verbs. We then used those words to make a Tagul. Tagul is a site where you can take as many words as you want and create them into what ever shape you want. But before you go start making amazing creations you have to first make an account. If you want to check it out click this. Here is mine.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Art with Matua Brent

Yesterday in Room 17 we had a reliever his name is Matua Brent. We drew and created Concertina pictures. I drew one with a baby dolphin and a big one with love and sun. Then the other one is with storms and hate. Here are some photos.